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“Die arbeitenenden Klassen streben nach Bildung, weil sie sie für ihren Sieg brauchen”

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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Images and photos in my templates


As normal a potential buyer previews template demo before he/she commits the purchase. Naturally, the demo is completed with photos, background images and graphic elements. However, downloadable folder does not include all visual attributes. The customer will find in downloadable folder only those which either licensed for commercial use or created by me in Photoshop and included into folder by my own will.

What and why is not included?

If you do not find certain image in the downloaded folder it means the image is not licensed for reselling. I buy a lot of royalty-free clipart but it does not mean I have a right to resell it. I never include into folder stock photos, scans from books, booklets, postcards and posters upon the very same reason.

The buyer should realise that by committing purchase of a template he/she does not buy the images used in demo for better presentation but idea, design, structure, layout, set of well-thought pages and perfect code.

It is really a buyer’s business to obtain appropriate images of high quality and strong visual appeal and to place these images into his/her website.


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