Nach Bildung

“Die arbeitenenden Klassen streben nach Bildung, weil sie sie für ihren Sieg brauchen”

Labour and knowledge is a source of success in every profession. If you have no talent, then—learn, read, study, practice and work as much as you are able. It really helps to succeed.

Vanity Book

Big Thank You!

Here is a sort of my dairy filled in with the quotes I got from people who had time and desire to write me kind warm words. I am very thankful to all these people and herebeneath I share their words about me, my skills and my knowledge.

I just read this article: and without any hesitation I can say that your 'Ship of wonders' is the most beautiful one. Beside that shiny optical side it also 'works' perfect. That a rare combination and I really, really appreciate it. Let me state it again: Wonderful work!
I've got lot of interest for you website, it's pretty amazing. In this way, I would like to know if you allow me to publish it in the first Inspirations Book. I’m going to publish a screenshot of your website and some credits (Name and URL of the website, name of the designer, email etc.) if you give me back a positive answer.
Virtuti, just wanted to send you a note to say I am loving your work, very original. Keep up the good work, I am about to use 3 of your designs in several pitches over the next few weeks
Virtuti, What I am going to say is not going to help your checkbook, but I’ll say it anyhow: you are BRILLIANT !!! I have gone through all your themes again and find your work absolutely smashing.
But it come with superb design quality and good attention to details. Great works once again.–ThemeForest reviewers team.