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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Google forms changed. How to update the code used before?


In my many site templates I used Google forms instead of custom php forms. Google forms are very comfortable and organized way of collecting emails sorted by topic or audience. I used to take default code provided by Google, change it slightly, style it pretty and inject into sites. Now Google change a little bit its code and many users of my templates are stuck. In fact it is very easy to make it working again. Below I described those steps which are required to get your Google form agin working and well-styled.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Web Design Course for Tel Aviv residents

I have launched a private course of web design for Tel Aviv residents. The course is for people who wish to learn properly web design principles, who wish to become professionals in the industry. It is aimed to provide a person with deep knowledge of how to design beautiful websites, to code them manually, to use common sense and feeling of aesthetics. There is no room to drag-n-drop systems, WYSIWYG editors, fast and dirty work. It is about crafting websites only. Here is a presentation page I created especially for the purpose to give maximum of information about the course.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

New premium Blogger template released: "Gothica"

Gothica Blogger template

My latest template "Gothica" crafted for Blogger is just out now and available for sale on ThemeForest Marketplace. Template is carefully crafted, it has so many wonderful features, effects, elements. You are welcome to visit template About Page to get familiar with everything it offers.

Template is fully responsive, not only its layout but all elements as well, even adSense.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

AdSense for responsive websites


As known, Google ASense banners are of fixed size. It is pretty uncomfortable when it concerns responsive websites, yet build in percents (like this very blog). However, certain workaround is possible. Just yesterday I found a fine article that explains in clear language that very technics. The technics works really fine, especially if a layout is built in pixels and controlled by media queries. Extra question, either is how to implement this technics into Blogger.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Blogsy is updated!

I have a separate site (based on Blogger, naturally)–Blogsy which showcases all my templates done for Blogger CMS platform. For a while I could not find time to update it, add newly released items and "brush it up". But finally, I did it.

Blogsy-website showcasing premium Blogger template

Removing comma in between labels in Blogger


Sometimes, designing our templates we give style to labels where a comma placed in between them just destroys the visual look. It is extremely easy to remove a comma. Here is a small tip for those who do not know about this tiny trick. On this very blog the comma in between labels is pretty to the point but on the screenshot below the labels would look a little bit worse if we preferred to keep the commas.

remove comma in between labels in Blogger