Nach Bildung

“Die arbeitenenden Klassen streben nach Bildung, weil sie sie für ihren Sieg brauchen”

Labour and knowledge is a source of success in every profession. If you have no talent, then—learn, read, study, practice and work as much as you are able. It really helps to succeed.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Web Design Course for Tel Aviv residents

I have launched a private course of web design for Tel Aviv residents. The course is for people who wish to learn properly web design principles, who wish to become professionals in the industry. It is aimed to provide a person with deep knowledge of how to design beautiful websites, to code them manually, to use common sense and feeling of aesthetics. There is no room to drag-n-drop systems, WYSIWYG editors, fast and dirty work. It is about crafting websites only. Here is a presentation page I created especially for the purpose to give maximum of information about the course.


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