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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Such English must die


Either it is an influence of Internet in whole or natural laziness and huge non-desire to perfect oneself in learning but English language used on net (in comments, posts, quick articles etc) becomes worse and worse. It is obvious that people whose mother tongue is other but English may, can and will make grammatical and stylistic mistakes. But ignoring spelling and punctuation rules is unforgivable, unbearable and just annoying.

Email clients, html editors, writing tools and software today have one obligatory feature: spellcheck. Once a word is written incorrectly it becomes underlined immediately with a wavy red line. Just right click and one can correct his/her mistake immediately. Often it does not happen. People are to lazy to do that?

As for me, if it became normal to 1) ignore capital in “I”, 2) miss commas, full stops or dashes, 3) allow misspellings, 4) use “its” instead of “it’s" and so on (list of faults is endless)–then such English likely must die.

A couple of examples (taken from forums)

hello everyone ive been on the marketplaces going on 3yrs i finally got me a wordpress i got it installed and i got the theme i want to use.. haveing trouble getting everything on the main page i would put a link on here but i know that im not alloud to selfpermote
hi there, recently i’ve submitted under constructions page and it got rejected with admin area for this reason
Hello everyone)Does someone know if is a problem that on the same page are two”twitter feed” blocks and what you think about the design?)
i downloaded an item this morning and its dissappeared now. No mail or message about rejected or something else? what happened to my item ? .)


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