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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Templates’s support


Any template on Envato marketplaces can not be exposed for sale if a Help file (document explaining how to deal with template) is absent. Therefore, following this term all templates do include a document assisting a client to understand the structure of the template and related points.

In depth

Help file and code itself especially, are two main keys in understanding how template works, how to edit it and what not to overlook. Studying the code is obligatory if one wants to edit the template. Help file provides a buyer with many tips and notes in order to ease buyer’s work on template. This should be enough. If a buyer does not know basics of html no Help file will help. In fact, buyers often ask questions and complain that support is not provided while they have full access to the code–main assistant in template editing.

First thing the buyer must know is that additional free support is optional and may be provided by an author and may be not. The price of templates is very low while quality is very high. To demand additional time of an author considering the price would be at least impolite. But, very often the authors do care to reply questions.

Important is a type of question. All pre-sale questions are welcome. I reply all pre-sale questions and my replies help a potential buyer to decide for or against the purchase. I reply all questions related to the structure of template as well as questions about options and possibilities. But questions type “how to” could not be answered. If a template does not include some certain feature while I am asked how to add it–this question is quite out of scope of the template and the reply can not be provided for free. However, any type of customisation I am ready to make if I have time, naturally. Such work takes my time, effort and demands my knowledge. Naturally, it must be paid on. If a buyer wants me to help with customisation he/she must send me files and payment. My hourly rate is $40.

Type I. Examples of questions which are replied as a part of free support (and replied with pleasure)

Can you please give me more info on the PayPal buttons. You say all you need to change is the ID? When I go to PayPal to set up a shop item it gives me the option to use a customized button but I need to insert the URL of my button. I am guessing there is no URL as yours is probably an html5 button???
very nice template! 2 questions if I may: 1. is it ready by any chance to support RTL (you know… hebrew) 2. if i would like to make some (small) changes (like placing the 2 ‘go up’ and ‘go bottom’ buttons at their natural location (bottom and up part of the page), would it be all done via the HTML editor? do you give any support for that? thank you
Does this work with adsense? It wouldn’t interfere with the jquery in this template? When I added adsense to the template I’m using now, it stopped my jquery from working. I just don’t want to run into the same problem here.
Hello Just purchased your template. I have Blogger Hosted through Google. I wasn’t aware that I could access FTP with google. Do I have to have a separate host for this template to work?

Type II. Examples of questions which can not be replied as a part of free support

I want to retain the top ‘coloured’ heading for mobile devices. When the page resizes, I want them to stay above each section, instead of going to the right of the section. Which section in the “small800” css file do I need to edit?
Ok one more question. On the Contact page you have a submit button. How to I code this to send the form to my email?
Ok when i put images into the site what is the best way to code them?

Please, when you are going to ask me a question, define for yourself which type of questions it matches and if you see that it is about customisation, fixing mistakes made by you, or adding new features take into consideration the payment for my extra work and time. Thank you!


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