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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

"Galilea" is now live

Galilea html template

Well, my latest HTML template "Galilea" is now live and available for sale on ThemeForest Marketplace.

I put a lot of soul into this work. And I think that the outcome is really good. This what I got from ThemeForest reviewers:

Beautiful patterns, lines, shadows, colors. Great work!

Template has a few interesting features, for example layout itself based on Ascensor script is actually one html file consisting of ten fully-designed standard pages functioning as vertical slides. It was done for small family run hotel businesses but with a small pinch of fantasy it can be easily converted into any other full website with unlimited amount of pages-slides. To preview it live go to Galilea Live Demo, to obtain it, press "buy" button on my ThemeForest portfolio item page.

Galilea html template


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