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Monday, 17 September 2012

Another tip about Read More button in Blogger


I have found on Internet another nice tip about Read More button in Blogger templates. By default clicking Read More button leads to the part of the post which is located under Read More button. But what if we want to start reading the blog post from its very beginning (from the top of blog post)?

It is very easy to achieve. We just need to remove some small part of the code and the effect will be exactly like o this very blog: you found this very article, clicked Read More anchor and new page with full post opened from its very top.

Here below is shown the full original Blogger code related to Read More button (or .jump-link).


If you remove just this part:

+ "#more";

you will achieve this very effect of starting reading the blog from its very beginning. Otherwise you will start reading the bottom part of the post located under Read More button.

I would be very glad to credit the article where I have found that tip, but I do not remember where it was and after searching for a while net I did not find the source article. My apologises to the author of the original article.


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