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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Read More button behaviour in Blogger


Small tip for editing post in Blogger: read more button or .jump-link (in code) may shift down to the very bottom of the post page instead of jumping to the start point of the article. I have found an article explaining how to fix three problems frequently happening with read more button and among them similar problem is mentioned.

I just want to add a few words about Error#3 from the above article. Since it points to div tag solely, people who use html5 tags like article or section may experience same problem having not considering the fact that article or/and section behave same way like div tag. It means that Blogger post code should look this way:

Content before Read More button

Content after Read More button

However, it seems far from being a canonical strict rule. In this very blog, in my blog posts the code is slightly different–.jump-link or read more button is located inside the article tag which is located inside the div tag and behaves absolutely normally:

Some other content

Content before Read More button

Content after Read More button

I am not sure I can explain why it is happening so. The only way to figure out the right behaviour is to try both methods and see which one works best.


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