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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Blogger: disappeared wrench icon


Sometimes, especially in custom templates wrench icon which allows to edit content of various widgets is absent. The absence might be caused by two reasons: deleted attribute ”quickedit” and deleted Navbar widget. How to bring back this useful Blogger tool?

First of all, wrench icon is visible only to logged in user, therefore no fear that somebody else will see while this icon presence helps to edit widgets really quickly and its absence is extremely uncomfortable.

Deleted “quickedit” attribute

At the bottom of each Blogger widget (in Expand Template Widget view) there is a short line of code:

For example, this is a full code of PageList widget or main navigation:

If you see that name=quickedit is absent, simply add it before closing tags (section, widget, includable, div) and do that in every widget in expanded mode, naturally.

Deleted Navbar widget

Open once again xml in Expand Widget Template and at the very bottom of the body try to find this piece of code:

If you do not see it simply copy it from the code above and paste into your xml. Wrench icon should appear near all widgets.


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